Pusha T Discusses Working With Jay-Z With Charlamagne

Following the release of his new single, “Neck & Wrist,” Pusha T sat down with Charlamagne Tha God to discuss what it’s like to work with Jay-Z. Throughout his career, Pusha has collaborated with the legendary rapper on numerous occasions.

When asked how a Pusha-Jay-Z collaboration comes together, he said, “I treat the whole situation very delicately.”

He went on to say: “I reach out to him when I feel like there’s absolutely nothing else great I can say on this record, and the only person who can give the record an uptick is somebody who I can’t say what they can say. I can’t speak what Hov speaks. I’m not there.”

He explained that he “didn’t hear anybody else for it” when it came to “Neck & Wrist.”

Pusha also admitted that he had no idea Jay was going to make a reference to his detractors and Biggie Smalls’ death in the verse.

He said, “He didn’t tell me nothing man, but it was so great.” “If you know him, you know he’lls always going to reference whatever is sticky in the media.”

Jay retaliated with his lyrics against Faizon Love, who claimed that he lied about his past as a drug dealer.

Check out Charlamagne’s interview with Pusha T below.

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