Lil Durk Astounds Podcaster With His Feature Price

For some, getting a feature from Lil Durk will cost an arm and a leg. The rapper has had a stellar year and a half, releasing several solid projects, including The Voice and his most recent solo project 7220. More than ever before, the rapper is one of the most sought-after features right now, and his fee for a verse reflects this.

Since the last time he revealed he was charging $200K per verse, the price has risen. Durk was asked how much it would cost him for a feature on the Full Send Podcast by co-host Bob Menery. While Durk suggested that it would depend on his relationship with the artist, he stated that in the current situation, it would be around $350K. “I got receipts,” he said, as Kyle Forgeard stared in disbelief at the six-figure sum. “You must keep receipts. Because someone could come up here and tell us a lie to increase their sales or — we have receipts, “He stated. Durk, on the other hand, refused to reveal who he charged that much for a feature.

Durk’s 7220 was a massive commercial success. The album sold 120,500 copies in its first week, giving the rapper his first solo number one and his second overall chart-topper after The Voice Of The Heroes with Lil Baby.

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