On his 19th birthday, YSL rapper Yung Kayo releases his “Nineteen” EP

On November 29, the rapper’s 19th birthday, Young Stoner Life Records’ Yung Kayo officially dropped his brand-new EP Nineteen following the release of his brand-new single “150.”

The native of Washington, D.C., has been on the rise for a while now. Songs like “YEET,” which was featured on his most recent album DFTK, have helped his core fanbase expand.

Since joining YSL, the D.C. rapper has never stopped working in the studio. In July 2021, he released his project Work In Progress, and in February of this year, he released DFTK.

A full-length album by Yung Kayo is reportedly also about to be released, though no specific date has been specified.

The young rapper talked candidly about his music and his desire to branch out from the genre’s typical sound during a sit-down with Kids Take Over earlier this year. “I like forcing myself to hear sounds I’ve never heard before on other tracks,” he declared. Or maybe new albums from the 1990s that I’ve never heard before.”

I keep trying to amplify the sound because, well, why not? Yung Kayo continued, acknowledging that he likes the music of performers like Lana Del Rey and Sade. We all need to hear various sounds in order to experience various emotions.

Nineteen is currently available for streaming on TIDAL, TIDAL, and Spotify.

Have you heard Yung Kayo’s most recent endeavor? Comment below and share your thoughts on the EP.

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