Chief Keef Trends in Russia-Ukrain Memes

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which came after months of simmering tensions between the two European countries, Chief Keef began to trend.

Following Russia’s attack on Ukraine on Thursday (February 24), which has the potential to escalate into a war over Russia’s demands to stop NATO’s eastward expansion, memes of Chief Keef being sent to Ukraine to help defend the country began circulating on social media, seemingly implying that his militant nature would be useful during the current attack. The Chicago drill rhymer appears to have noticed why he was trending on social media and responded on Instagram.

“On the way to Ukraine 🚶💥🔫🏃.” Chief Keef captioned a photo of himself he posted on Instagram.

Keef’s post is most likely in response to the numerous memes depicting him in Ukraine with firearms as the country’s tensions with Russia escalate.

“live footage of chief keef pulling up to ukraine.” one person tweeted.

“BREAKING NEWS: Chief Keef has arrived in the Ukraine!” wrote another.

“russian soldiers when they see popular south side rapper Chief Keef being deployed in the Ukraine battlefield.” a third typed.

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