Meek Mill’s Producer Criticises Him for Being Hypocritical

Meek Mill’s Dreamchasers label has been called out by a producer for allegedly being a hypocrite and running a bad business.

Meek Mill, a Philadelphia rapper, has publicly chastised record labels for withholding money from artists and enslaving them in “slave deals,” but one of the producers signed to his Dreamchasers label claims he’s not doing so well himself.

Producer Hitkidd vented his frustrations with Meek in an Instagram post, telling his boss that he expected more from someone who had previously spoken out about how his own label was mistreating him.

“@meekmill I represented [Dreamchasers] very well for 3 years and NOBODY stood on business,” said Hitkidd, a Memphis-based producer that has worked with Megan Thee Stallion, Key Glock, and others. “I never said nothing about having help nor asked for a handout. You’ve made plenty statements about signing slave deals and labels not doing their jobs. So, I ponder as to why my situation isn’t better. I wished you gave me them same expectations you expect from the label that you’re signed to. I don’t want no clout from this, I NEED PEOPLE TO DO THEIR JOBS. I feel like Kanye when he walked into the Rocafella building.”

Meek responded with, “Why you had to go on the net.” Hitkidd replied, “I tried to personally tell you 1 on 1 but couldn’t get a contact. If I feel like I’m wrong, I’ll apologize just how I made this post. I just wanted things done better.”

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