Yo Gotti Will Allow Fans To Earn Money From Their Own Covers Of “Dolla Fo’ Dolla”

Yo Gotti wants his fans to record their own verses for “Dolla Fo’ Dolla.”

Yo Gotti says he wants his fans who are aspiring artists to record a verse on his song “Dolla Fo’ Dolla” and post it wherever they want. Gotti claims that by doing so, they will be able to keep any revenue generated by their version.

On Sunday night, the Untrapped rapper announced his new initiative on Instagram.

Gotti captioned a video of himself: “EVERY ARTIST DAT PUT A VERSE ON ‘Dolla Fo Dolla’ YOU CAN HAVE THE SONG,”

“You make the paper from it, I ain’t even trippin’. I own the masters of my record, I can do that shit for you. No label would ever do no shit like this.” He continued.

Gotti also shared several of his favorite responses on Instagram and offered to cover their studio time, college tuition, and commissary funds.

Gotti’s latest album, CM:10 Free Game, was released on Friday and includes “Dolla Fo’ Dolla.” The new album features Kodak Black, Moneybagg Yo, and 42 Dugg on 22 songs spread across two discs.

Check out Gotti’s explanation of his “Dolla Fo’ Dolla” offer, as well as some of his favorite responses, down below.

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