Cardi B Claims There’s a Problem With Atlanta’s Water Supply

Cardi claims that the water has irritated her skin.

During particularly harsh winters, city’s water systems are prone to failure. This appears to be the case in Atlanta, as rap legend Cardi B recently warned that the city’s water may be unsafe.

Cardi B took to Instagram Live on Sunday, February 6th, to discuss how Atlanta’s water has possibly damaged her skin and how she has been applying a lot of moisturizer to help: “Let me tell you something, and I’m gonna say I was afraid to say it. But, I believe that there is something wrong with the water in Atlanta. Because, while I was in Atlanta, my face just started getting so dry and irritated. I kept putting moisturizer to the point that it started getting so irritated that I started putting Vaseline on, the old school way.”

She went on to say that her skin has been an issue for her since she left Atlanta, and that she would like moisturizer recommendations: “I left Atlanta a week ago, and my face is still so fking dry and playing outside in the snow didn’t make it any fking better. Do any of y’all have suggestions of what type of moisturizer I should wear? Because, bro, I feel like I’ve been trying everything. My face is so irritated, it just feels itchy and dry.”

Cardi B’s husband, Offset, is from the Atlanta area of Georgia, so she will likely continue to spend time there. Have you ever had a problem with Atlanta’s water if you’ve ever visited or lived in the city?

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