IHOP is “Pushin P”, according to Gunna

Over the last week, a clear distinction has emerged between two groups: those who are “Pushin P” and those who aren’t. Since the release of Gunna’s DS4EVER album, the phrase “Pushin P” and the abbreviated acknowledgment, P, have taken the world by storm. It’s been trending on all social media platforms, and other celebrities have joined in. Everyone is still trying to figure out what it means, hoping to join the elite group of people who have figured it out. IHOP, in Gunna’s opinion, is doing exactly that.

IHOP tweeted on Wednesday afternoon that they’re “always pushing Pancakes,” substituting the blue P emoji for the letter “P.” The use of an emoji indicated that they were joining in on the trend, given the fact that they were well aware of how widespread it had become:

Gunna, the creator of the phrase’s viral iteration, quoted the tweet and gave his blessing. His response was short and sweet, with the (now symbolic) blue P emojis replacing some of the letters: “IHOP Pushin P”

While we don’t yet have a clear definition for “Pushin P,” the viral phrase is helping to boost Gunna’s latest album’s sales. For the second week in a row, DS4EVER is expected to outsell The Weeknd’s recently released album Dawn FM. That’s not to say Gunna doesn’t have star power; he’s one of the most popular hip hop artists right now.

Have you grown to like the phrase? Or have you simply grown tired of seeing it? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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