Following the Shooting on Friday, Kodak Black Used a Walker to Leave the Hospital

Over the weekend, there have been few updates on Kodak Black’s condition. Kodak was seen leaving the hospital with a walker, according to eyewitnesses.

Many people were made aware of Kodak Black’s injuries after the shooting at Justin Bieber’s party. The wounds were described as “minor” and “not life-threatening,” which brought relief to fans. Over the next few days, more information about the shooter’s whereabouts, attendees, and motives emerged. Many people were still unsure how he was doing.

Super Bowl Sunday arrived, and with it comes a new tweet and update from Kodak Black. He told fans he was going to the big game and would be sitting in the box seats with his friend Drake. He was not seen at the game as far as we know, as no images of him present have surfaced thus far. Given that the incident occurred less than 48 hours after he was shot, this is understandable.

Kodak’s lawyer provided some much-needed clarity on the situation on Monday morning: “There was an unprovoked attack on an individual Kodak was with, when security and kodak came to his aid, several shots were fired at them by an unidentified assailant. Luckily, this was all caught on video. Kodak was struck in the leg. It was not life-threatening, and he is in stable condition.”

Despite the fact that his condition is said to be stable, Kodak was seen leaving the hospital on a walker. He will make a full recovery, but it will take some time.

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