DaBaby Gives $100 to a Homeless Man for a Portable Radio

DaBaby appears to have had a great time in Los Angeles this past weekend while participating in activities related to the 2022 Super Bowl.

The North Carolina rapper took to Instagram on Sunday (Feb. 13) to share a video of himself giving a homeless man $100 for his portable radio. In the video, DaBaby, dressed in Los Angeles Rams gear and wearing blue boots, sees an old drifter with a radio who asks for money.

The head of Billion Dollar Entertainment then inquired about the volume of the radio. The man increases the volume to a couple of decibels higher. Before handing him a $100 bill, DaBaby inquired about the price of the radio. The homeless man is visibly taken aback by the rhymer’s generous gesture. “My God,” he exclaimed. DaBaby instructs one of his handlers to take the radio from him, which he does, but with extreme caution by the antenna.

“My boy pulled up w/ sumn for sale so I fucked w/ his pimpin,” Baby captioned the post.

DaBaby’s most recent video is a stark contrast to the video that went viral last week for less-than-pleasant reasons.

Last Thursday, DaBaby beat up Brandon Bills, the brother of DaniLeigh, Baby’s youngest daughter, at Corbin Bowl in Tarzana, Calif., as previously reported (Feb. 10). Both men threw punches at each other in front of stunned onlookers in between very slippery bowling lanes in the video. As DaBaby’s cronies piled on him and dragged him by his braids, Bills took the brunt of the fisticuffs.

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