Tyga Won’t Face Charges In Domestic Violence Case

Tyga just learned that he will not be charged in his domestic violence case if he stays out of trouble.

Tyga was arrested for felony domestic violence in October of last year, with bail set at $50,000. Tyga turned himself in to the LAPD after his ex-girlfriend, Camaryn Swanson, claimed he was physical with her. According to TMZ, Camaryn arrived at Tyga’s house at 3 a.m., belligerently yelling. The rapper let her in, and an alleged altercation ensued. Swanson also shared photos of bruises she received during the fight.

Tyga initially avoided speaking with officers after they arrived at his home to discuss the incident. He planned to tell officers his side of the story the next day, but instead turned himself in.

The rapper’s case has now been scheduled for a hearing with the City Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles. He will meet with prosecutors to discuss how to handle potential domestic disputes in the future. In addition to the hearing, he must stay out of legal trouble for the next year. Prosecutors may file misdemeanor charges in the case if there are any violations.

Despite Swanson’s continued allegations, the two are still friends. Last month, the two were spotted in Malibu celebrating her birthday. Tyga claims that it is currently completely casual and not romantic.

They’ve also re-followed each other on Instagram, raising eyebrows among social media users.

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