Rapper C Blu Was Arrested For The Second Time Just Days After Posting a $250K Bond

The 16-year-old is suspected of shooting a police officer in the leg. According to The Post, he paid his bond with an advance from Interscope.

C Blu, the teen rapper who was just released on bond, has been detained again, according to a new report. Officers approached the teen when he was standing with a group of people and requested him to take his hands out of his pockets. An officer was injured in the leg during the altercation, although Blu’s defense claimed that the cop inadvertently shot himself.

C Blu was reportedly released on a $250K bond on January 27, but the teen was arrested again today (February 3) for a probation violation, according to The New York Post. The rapper allegedly used his Interscope advance to cover his bail.

According to the source, C Blu “The gun he allegedly used to shoot the cop violated the terms of his probation from a previous case, so he was sent back to the Crossroads Juvenile Center in Brooklyn.” This previous case is from 2020 and involves gun charges, but it’s unclear why the probation violation wasn’t brought up when he was arrested just over a week ago.

“We’re glad that a cop-shooter is back off the street, but this revolving door for a repeat gun offender makes no sense whatsoever,” PBA President Patrick J. Lynch said. “It should be clear to every New Yorker that our justice system is broken in many places. Our lawmakers need to prioritize fixing it above everything else.”

C Blu is said to be in custody.

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