This Friday, King Von and 21 Savage Will Release New Music

The collab between King Von and 21 Savage is sure to get the streets buzzing.

Within a certain segment of the hip-hop industry, King Von’s name still rings a bell, and those who listen are aware of the significance of his music. Street rappers frequently have devoted followings who admire their hustle and ambition, and for good reason. Von, who died on November 6th, 2020, spoke about the difficulties of growing up in Chicago’s harsh environments. He did so in great detail, and his retelling earned him admiration from a wide range of people who could relate to his difficulties.

21 In a similar vein, Savage rose to fame by speaking with incredible precision about his past experiences. Savage’s storytelling isn’t limited to intricate lyricism and wordplay; he’s also known for being blunt and direct in his portrayal of events in his life. His monotone, often one-note delivery strikes a chord with listeners, as his approach stands out significantly among his peers. The subject matter that both artists frequently explore makes this a pairing to look forward to.

The rappers’ brands are on display in an Instagram post, signaling the collaboration:

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