Summer Walker Shows Off New Hairstyle & Gets Roasted By Fans

Summer Walker’s new hairstyle has created a divide among her fans.

Summer Walker is constantly in the news, whether it’s because of her incredible music, her back-and-forth with London, or simply because she’s Summer Walker, unapologetically herself. So it’s no surprise that the Atlanta singer has become the subject of yet another trending topic. This time, however, it was her hair that propelled her to the limelight.

Summer Walker debuted her new hairstyle on Instagram: a shaved head with a ponytail of faux-locs sprouting from her crown. Summer Walker, who is known for her unusual fashion statements and intricate dressings, was proud of the newly presented hairstyle, writing that it was something she had “legit wanted to try” her entire life.

After that, a deluge of critics and opposers descended on Summer’s latest bold design to dismiss it. One comment read, “It’s giving…… Goro vibes on mortal kombat,” as if perplexed as to why Summer would wear this hairstyle in public. Another comment said, “If I were Larry, I’d be pissed,” referring to Summer’s new man.

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