NLE Choppa claims to practice semen retention and celibacy

Numerous rappers have joined the semen retention bandwagon in recent months. Semen retention is the practice of men not ejaculating during sex. Whether it’s Kodak Black, Kevin Gates, or Joey Bada$$, the trend appears to be picking up steam. NLE Choppa now appears to be on board as well.

Choppa recently told Charlamagne Tha God and Angela Yee on the Breakfast Club that he is on his way to becoming disciplined enough to practice semen retention: “I went celibate for like a month, because I realized what having sex did to me. I realized how tired I was after having sex. You can have sex, but I feel like semen retention is the focus, because like I tell people all the time, one nut is equivalent to eight miles. You can run eight miles with one nut. It can make a whole life, so you know how powerful it is. You just can’t just keep giving it to everybody.”

NLE went on to say that most of the time it isn’t on purpose when he doesn’t finish during sex. He does, however, hope to reach a point where he can practice semen retention with discipline. He and the Breakfast Club also discussed Joey Bada$$ and Kevin Gates’ similar perspectives, as well as Joey’s claim that he can still orgasm without ejaculating.

Because Scorpios are known to be extra horny in November, Choppa said he struggled with this practice in November, his birth month.

Choppa recognizes that this is an unusual decision, especially for a teenager, but he is determined to carry it out: “For me to go celibate for a week is big for me. I know when I’m a good looking male, everybody wants you, everybody wants a piece of you. I’m young too, I’m still 19, so you still gotta live life. But, for me to be able to implement something so small, to me, like semen retention and celibacy at this age is huge because a lot of n****s just be looking at me crazy when I say that.”

Take a look at what NLE Choppa had to say about celibacy and sperm retention in the video below.

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